Transfer data with Globus

Globus provides the easiest way to transfer large files in and out of the G.E.M.S platform. If the two systems the file is moving between both have a running Globus endpoint users can log in to the Globus transfer app and select the two desired endpoints.

The user’s G.E.M.S endpoint will be created after they log in for the first time. In the Globus transfer app search bar, search for the e-mail address associated with the user’s Globus account. In the search results look for an endpoint named like gemsumn#gems_username_at_university_edu for the user with an e-mail address of

To transfer files to a laptop or system that doesn’t currently have a Globus endpoint, setting up a Globus Personal Endpoint is a relatively easy option.

After both endpoints are selected files can be moved from either endpoint to the other using the Globus transfer interface.